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Energetic, informed and dedicated...
As a Mobile native, Abby offers an extensive knowledge of our area and the different social aspects and opportunities to each unique venue.  Lower Dauphin, West Mobile, Springhill, Midtown and Oakleigh all have their own special charm. Everyone from young families to retired seniors are looking for different amenities, and Abby is the right person to help you find your perfect fit. As a Real Estate investor for many years, Abby can help you see the potential in properties and help any seller accentuate the positive to make their home stand out from others on the market.

Abby is also a member of the Sessions Team. Through this affiliation, she has access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the local Real Estate market.

As a mother of two, Abby has knowledge of school districts, local sports, parks and the events/venues that provide entertainment to family members of all ages. As an animal lover, she can also point you in the direction of local amenities available to your fur babies.

Abby is informed about the local real estate market and her energetic and dedicated approach will make your real estate goals a reality!

Contact Abby today at 251.591.4908 or email